Halloween Giveaway

On Halloween morning, I will be hosting my very first Instagram giveaway! I went back and forth on what to do before finally deciding on Dunkin’ Donuts. My boss and I took an afternoon walk to Dunkin for her tea, and while we were in line I saw this adorable spider donut. I didn’t have an easy month, and it wasn’t very festive. Sometimes it just takes something little to turn your mood around. I couldn’t resist the donut that made me smile.

While contemplating giveaways, it was important to me to make my first one applicable to my many friends around the country – obviously the DMV, but also so many in New Jersey and New York, Florida, Arizona, Chicago, etc. Dunkin is pretty much everywhere! And if you weren’t aware, the Dunkin company supports many local organizations that address issues like hunger, safety and children’s health.

In the future I plan to do local giveaways as well because I am an advocate of supporting small businesses. But I’d also like to include my international friends in a giveaway.

As we head into the season of thanks and giving, I want to say THANK YOU to my friends. I hope we continue to support each others’ journeys for a long time. But for now, excuse me while my spider donut and I get back to watching Hocus Pocus!

Happy Halloween donut!

World Vegetarian Day

Confession time: I’ve always wanted to be a vegetarian, but for one reason or another, it just hasn’t happened. The guilt trips don’t work, the health threats, the graphic videos – they don’t work. However, I am regularly trying to incorporate more plants into my diet, and less meat. Lately I’ve come across a lot of vegans and vegetarians who are very supportive of others starting off with small steps. Meatless Monday is a good start. More fish and veggies, and less red meat are also good steps forward.

This weekend I got to attend Smorgasburg DC again. For my first stop (after iced tea of course), I beelined straight to Just AJ’s to finally try their veenies (vegan hot dogs.) I tried the buffalo veenie, and let me tell you, I don’t like hot dogs, but I can get used to veenies!

I won’t lie – I wasn’t too sure after the first bite. Keep in mind, I don’t like hot dogs to begin with, so eating something resembling a hot dog isn’t high on my list. But I really wanted to try food that was vegan, regardless of its shape! The buffalo toppings gave it extra flavor, and the bun was a nice compliment. It was actually very refreshing (physically and mentally) to come across little chunks or carrot and cauliflower in my veenie, rather than chunks of who-knows-what kind of gristle.
On this World Vegetarian Day, shout out to all the vegetarians and vegans doing what many of us wish we could do, but believe me, sometimes it’s easier said than done. I just don’t have it in me right now, but I do regularly try to take these important steps, and I’m always looking out for more and more opportunities. Realistically, I’ll probably never be a vegetarian, but I really want to commit to continue trying to incorporate more vegetarian options like these awesome veenies into the rotation.

Immediate goals: to eat only vegetarian today! (I will try to post my successes in my Instagram stories.) It’s great being respectfully cheered on by vegetarians.

How do you incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet?

Just AJ's Veenie
Just AJ’s Veenie (Vegan hot dog)