Winedown Wednesday

Happy Winedown Wednesday! And happy National Red Wine day, by coincidence. Last month, during one of the hottest weekends of the summer, we decided to visit Greenhill Winery in Middleburg, VA. I’ve visited several wineries before, but had yet to check off a winery from my Northern Virginia to-do list. After reviewing as many as I could, I decided that Greenhill looked like the perfect match for me, and I was not disappointed!

I’m a city girl, so the windy, hilly roads that got us there were beautiful, but a little too much for me to handle. I prefer the straight and flat roads, which sadly contributes to the reason why I haven’t frequented more wineries. Nonetheless, this place is amazing! The views are beautiful, and I loved the summery flowers around the patio. Service was amazing as well. We ordered a baguette and cheese plate to go with our wine tasting flight.

After we tasted a nice variety, we selected our favorite. Normally I choose a red wine, specifically a Malbec, but that day I was in the mood for something bubbly. I decided on a glass of Blanc de blancs, and we headed out into the field to relax on the large wooden chairs. It was so peaceful and quiet – overall, a beautiful experience that I would recommend to anyone!

Important note: the winery is adults only, which really only adds to its charm. Be sure you make other prior arrangements for the 21 and under crowd!

DMVRW recap

Did you get to check out your city’s restaurant week this summer? I always try to attend at least one because I know a lot of thought goes into planning these fun events, and it gives local restaurants a chance to really shine.

Last week, my friend and I braved an infamous DMV downpour after a long day of work and headed to The Capital Grille at Tyson’s Corner during DMVRW. We chose The Capital Grille because it was close, and one of only a handful of places in the area that could afford to offer filet mignon (my favorite!) without an upcharge. It ended up feeling like a super fancy date night. We were all dressed up and had the car valet parked (no parking otherwise.)

This was actually my first time at a Capital Grille. The atmosphere felt upscale and the other patrons gave off a chill vibe. Service was excellent, and everything we ordered was delicious!

Luckily for us, some restaurants extended their RW menu another week. This week we chose Baba in Arlington, since I had such an amazing solo-dining RW experience there last summer!

This year was no different. From the moment we entered the brick stairway to head downstairs, it felt like we were in on something secret. But once you get inside, you immediately know it’s no secret that everyone is welcome! It’s a small place, so the setting feels more intimate. It feels like you’re dining among family and friends.

And the food and drinks – my only problem with this place is that I can’t physically try one of everything!

My RW order
B&B cocktail (made with beet juice), salmon tartare, and filet mignon with a foie gras croquette
Notes: There was also no upcharge for the filet here – score! And I tried fois gras for the first time ever – let’s just say, I will not be trying it again 😛 Call me a terrible foodie, but to me, it smells (and probably tastes) like dog food! I also ordered an extra drink – the Pisco Passion, which I also had last year.

Friend’s RW order
Brazilian Smash (x2), prosciutto croquettes, and Baba burger with fries
Notes: My non-foodie friend was expecting standard french fries, but what he got was so much better – perfectly seasoned, homemade chips. I may have stolen all but one 😛 Friend also ordered a Baba’s Secret cocktail after his meal. He wanted to drink it before asking what was in it.

Check out last year’s solo-dining experience at Baba (Click here)

All in all, I would absolutely encourage anyone to check out this hidden gem! Take a group and order some plates to share.

Everything new

Do you ever think back on all the amazing, undocumented experiences you’ve had, and wish you started blogging a lot sooner?

I’m not new to the game, by any means. But I had a very long hiatus, so I’ll have to consider this my “come back.” I’ve been debating whether or not to post some type of throwbacks here and there, but I can’t decide. What do you think? Are throwback posts a nice touch of nostalgia? Or is too much old material taboo in the blogging world?

In my opinion, I enjoy reading content about bloggers’ past experiences, whether they are relevant to something new, or just straight reminiscence. And sometimes, even stories of the present are enhanced by elements of the past anyway. I know a lot of people may prefer to leave the past in the past, but so much of today, tomorrow and yesterday are connected and interrelated. We can leave yesterday behind, but it still impacted today – let’s use that to our advantage!

Let’s go!

Fellow foodies: What started your obsession with food?

For me, it was my obsession as a child with learning about other cultures. I grew up in a very diverse New Jersey community, where many of my friends (myself included) had immigrant parents or grandparents. We always wanted to learn about the places where each other’s families came from, and a common response was always “come share a meal with us.” Over those meals, we not only learned about the food, but we discovered different types of music, ways of dress, languages, religions new to us, diverse cultural traditions, and rich histories. At the center of it all – there always seemed to be food involved.

Sometimes food really is the way to the heart, but for a lot deeper reasons than we realize!

I’ll do my best to create fun content here. This site is connected with my instagram account of the same name, @foodfixxe. I’m looking forward to sharing and learning with everyone!