Let’s go!

Fellow foodies: What started your obsession with food?

For me, it was my obsession as a child with learning about other cultures. I grew up in a very diverse New Jersey community, where many of my friends (myself included) had immigrant parents or grandparents. We always wanted to learn about the places where each other’s families came from, and a common response was always “come share a meal with us.” Over those meals, we not only learned about the food, but we discovered different types of music, ways of dress, languages, religions new to us, diverse cultural traditions, and rich histories. At the center of it all – there always seemed to be food involved.

Sometimes food really is the way to the heart, but for a lot deeper reasons than we realize!

I’ll do my best to create fun content here. This site is connected with my instagram account of the same name, @foodfixxe. I’m looking forward to sharing and learning with everyone!

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