Supporting Local from Home

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. To be honest, I’ve had plenty of inspiration but not enough motivation. I’m trying my best not to feel defeated and deflated by 2020, but it hasn’t been easy.

My blog and my Instagram started out as a way to support small businesses – local restaurants, particularly, and connect fellow food-lovers worldwide. But the incredibly, poorly-handled pandemic has forced me (and many others) into a very long, on-going isolation. My Instagram has transformed into a stay-at-home, cooking account. And let me tell you, cooking is NOT my forte. It does not come naturally. But I’m trying my best, and since I relocated to my parents’ during this time, I’m learning a lot of tips and pointers from my mother.

In effort to still shop small, I’ve been trying to buy local produce and products, and shop on sites like Etsy. My personal favorite has been all the new local wines and beers I’ve discovered. I can find them in grocery stores here and enjoy them at home.

Aside from supporting the community where I have temporarily relocated the “Foodfixxe Isolation Station” to (Lynchburg, VA), I also want to continue supporting the community that helped me kick off Foodfixxe (the Washington, DC metro.)

I left a lot of loose ends when I moved, but thanks to the internet and our amazingly wonderful essential workers who deliver mail and packages, I have been able to get some DC-area products four hours away. Mambo Sauce was always at the top of my list of “DC things to try” but somehow I never got around to it. I did, however, finally get around to ordering some online from Capital City Mambo Sauce.

I copied a recipe on their website and made Mambo chili cheese fries. We devoured it! I forgot to by ground beef (woops), and since we don’t go out for single items, I substituted it with dark red kidney beans. Still amazing! I absolutely cannot wait to make this again! If you want to try it out yourself, you can find Mambo Sauce online. I’d recommend trying both types – as the hot has a nice little kick, but still not too spicy. I’m putting them on everything now.

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